WIND - International Business Week

WIND - International Business Week From 11 to 16 March will be held the International Business Week, Maia (WIND) and Aveiro (AIDA). It will be a week of full immersion in a Multicultural context of expertise in the theme of internationalization, including Thematic Workshops and where markets are presented and dissected the Critical Success Factors of International Action.
Be holding a competitive bid does not necessarily translate into good conduct international business. Negotiate a global scale requires a much more demanding exercise, which includes:
- Assessment of the company to address new geographies;
- The perception of the potential of various alternative destinations;
- Knowledge of the dynamics of the various target markets and their distinct cultures;
- The forecast of the investment necessary and the different financing options.
A meeting of key importance as players will have three Top Managers who will share the errors committed in the process numerous times to approach new markets.
The Check-Up session Internationalization is Open Access.
The Passport Passport 7 and 10 are two of the options available to them to participate in this initiative that WIND has the support of BPI and AIDA (Association of Industrial District of Aveiro).
For other details of WIND International Business Week and also on the Financial Support for Internationalization under the NSRF, Presentation Sessions will be held on the following dates:
- January 22, Tuesday, between the 18.15he 19.15h on WIND (Maia)
- January 24, Thursday, between the 8.15he 9.15h on WIND (Maia)
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