Vivafit opens 4th space in Singapore

Vivafit opens 4th space in Singapore Vivafit opens 4th space in Singapore

The Vivafit, Portuguese chain of gyms for women, opened the 4th space in Singapore
The Portuguese insignia shall be in Bukit Merah Central, while the remaining three are located in Tajong Pay, Raffles Place and Beach Rd

Franchisees are Sarah and Salman Habib, who have known Vivafit in fair franchising in Singapore in September 2012, he is manager and she is a fashion designer.

The 4th Vivafit site opened with 45 members, one of the collaborators Portuguese.

Two years ago in this country, the contract signed with the masterfranchise site provides for the opening of 50 spaces in the next five years.

Remember that the national chain has locations in Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Uruguay and India totaling 65.
Furthermore, already has contracts to open gyms in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman.

With 10 years of existence, the Vivafit Portugal pioneered the introduction of the concept of women-only gyms, quickly taking market leadership as the largest sector network.

Today, the brand invests in innovation, offering dual programs of nutrition and exercise, in which customers have access to diet plans and programs online software designed as a way to lose weight.
2013-08-07 16:11:24
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