University of Texas Studies Sonae´s Success

University of Texas Studies Sonae´s Success The MBA students at the University of Texas visited Sonae Company, for the second consecutive year, to acknowledge what made this company a reference in the retail sector at an international level. Among the topics discussed were the market leader in Portugal, the internationalization strategy and the commitment to sustainable development.

The class of 25 students had the opportunity to meet Sonae strategies and their development methods as well as their logistics operations, where the pioneer adoption of the Kaizen´s methodology makes Sonae a case of worldwide success in retail. The meeting also allowed these students to know the reality of Sonae as a sustainable company and a reference in Corporate Responsibility.

Sonae has sought to establish close relationships between Portuguese schools, but also internationally, adopting a strategy of open innovation with knowledge sharing. The interest shown by the University of Texas and the recognition of Sonae pioneering in their business processes are an encouragement to all of Sonae team, looking every day to create and innovate, by developing new competitive advantages that enhance the capabilities of Sonae.

The University of Texas, located in Austin, is one of the largest in the United States, with more than 50,000 students. Its MBA program is among the most respected in the world, integrating the main global rankings of business schools.
2013-07-01 16:35:58
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