Tagus Wines bet in Brazilian Market

Tagus Wines bet in Brazilian Market The Tagus Wines are heading towards Brazil between the next 24 and 27 June for the 'Annual Tagus Wine Tasting in Brazil' which aims to conquer the Brazilian market, an action whose main activity is held in Belo Horizonte, on the last day of the stay.
The 'Belo Horizonte Tagus Wine Tasting' will preent wines from 14 producers in the region of the Tagus, with about 100 wines available for tasting. It will occur at the Hotel Max Savassi, between 16h30 and 20h00.
The brazilian market occupies 8th place in the ranking of exports of the Tagus Region Wine Commission (Tejo CVR), but this action is being anticipated so that this number is exceeded already during the year 2013.
Altogether there are four events that Tagus Wines held in Brazil, three in Sao Paulo from 24 to 26 June and one in Belo Horizonte.
On the 24th the CVR Tejo, along with the Brazilian Association of Sommeliers in São Paulo will host a wine tasting in the region and on the 25th the Tagus Wines will make known their wines in the Annual Viniportugal Tasting in São Paulo.
The action of the 26th, in São Paulo, follows the 'Caravan of the Tagus Wines' which started in January this year and has a total of more than 25 events, where the Great Exhibition of New Tagus Wines fits.
This event, which will take place at the Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo, will feature wine tastings and a prize-giving ceremony for the enogastromy contest with 'Tejo Wines' event, as part of the program of the Tagus Wines Caravan in Brazil.
This investment of Tagus Region Wine Commission in Brazil intends to innovate, in addition to exports, in order to promote Portuguese wines.
2013-06-24 16:36:23
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