Project New TerraCotta

Project New TerraCotta New Terracotta is a project of handmade ceramic tiles and deeply Portuguese. This is a current line of tiles and glazed clay pieces produced manually by Portuguese craftsmen.
The premise is simple: merge technique and experience with ancestral Portuguese contemporary aesthetics, proposing international market a new dimension of glazed terracotta.
They are pieces of clay from the base region of Pombal, with the mark of the craftsman, glazed one by one. The collection features 104 colors subtle, luminous, semi-transparent, deep, and variable metal, available in various shapes, textures and finishes and of course, always with a unique hand finishing.
The artisanal production unit, based in Mortágua, is supported by a team of design and development of an install base that allows extremely flexible custom parts for the project, without any limitation of scale.
2013-01-18 16:42:01
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