Portuguese olive oil conquers China

Portuguese olive oil conquers China The brand of Portuguese olive oil Casa da Memória signed a partnership agreement this month with a Chinese company in the food sector. In addition to introducing their products in China, the brand will also build a plant site in the country.

According to AICEP, this contract was signed following the implementation of
the Strategic Development Plan for the years 2010-2015, providing a two-step brand development in the Chinese market.

The first phase will be the introduction next December, of the Casal da Memória olive oil in China, with the purchase by the Chinese partner company of about 17,000 bottles - equivalent to 12.5 metric tons - of olive oil.

The second phase of the brand implementation project of in that Asian country will be the construction of a plant site in the Chinese territory for the packaging of Casal da Memória olive oil, which will help increase its competitiveness across the emerging Asian market

The effort to win over consumers in China is the result of a strategy both planned and designed, not only at a technical level and in terms of creating value, born mainly from the effort, dedication and innovation to conquer international markets.
2012-11-22 10:59:26
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