Portuguese Craftsmanship at London Fashion Week

Portuguese Craftsmanship at London Fashion Week The Embassy of Portugal in London presents an exhibition of emerging talent in the portuguese fashion universe.

This exhibition is part of the International Fashion Showcase 2013, a challenge brought by the British Council in partnership with the British Fashion Council to the various embassies in London and is part of the London Fashion Week schedule, which aims to showcase new talents in the fashion world .

This year's event will feature the participation of 27 countries, with an award for the most innovative country, either by content or by submission.

The young designers come from different contexts and recognized institutions in Portugal and abroad, from FAUTL - ESAD to the Royal College of Art in London. The creators selected are: Valentine Lent, João Pedro Filipe, Ana Maria Duarte da Silva (Janis Dellarte), Ana Margarida Serpa Silva, Ana Lebasi, Fernando Dominguez, Claudia Garrido, Catarina Ferreira and António Vaz.

Through various techniques, including stamping, knitting, sculpture and the use of unconventional materials such as wood and recycled metals, the work of these creators seeks to reveal, hide or manipulate surfaces. The exhibition will showcase the different styles and materials used within the areas of women's fashion and men's jewelery, footwear and headgear.

The curator of the exhibition "Manipulating Surface: English Craftsmanship" is authored by Xenia Helmet Cabellero.
2013-02-08 10:59:36
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