Portugal Ventures Opens Friday

Portugal Ventures Opens Friday The 6th Call For Entrepreneurship marks the start of which is expected to be a dynamic and full of ambition for the national community of entrepreneurship year. More than 2,000 entrepreneurs have accepted the challenge of this initiative , which has already made the investment in 20 Portugal Ventures start- ups with the ambition to become excellent companies in the global world .
The big news is the opening of this Call for proposals for projects in the tourism sector , in addition to the areas of Information Technology and Communication , Electronics & WEB , Life Sciences and Endogenous Resources , Nanotechnology and Materials .

The phase of the project applications to the 6th Call will be held from 27 January to 27 February. All applications are submitted through the website Portugal ventures .

A Call For Entrepreneurship aims to provide access to investment risk capital for innovative projects and scientific and technological base in the early stages of their business maturity . Projects selected by Portugal Ventures will benefit from an investment of up to 750 thousand euros , a maximum of 85 percent of total funding needs of the same .

In the preparation and qualification of projects , entrepreneurs can benefit from the support and guidance of one of the 40 entities Partner Network Program Ignition ( Ignition Partners Network ) , enhancing the fitness of the same for the investment of risk capital .

Eligible projects will be assessed on the Call intervention assessment composed of business and technology , national and international expert panels , as well as by investors from Ignition Capital Network , business angels and other venture capital , which may co-invest with Portugal ventures on selected projects .

The Portugal Ventures selects for investment projects that demonstrate possess greater potential for growth and ability to take as start- ups of excellence worldwide . Invested projects benefit from counseling by experts , preferably international , with accumulated experience and a vast network of relevant contacts .

These projects also have the possibility of their being incubated and accelerated in the center of the Portuguese technological entrepreneurship ecosystem in Silicon Valley - " Portugal Ventures in the Bay " , and other international hubs of innovation.

A Call For Entrepreneurship is the entry point for the Ignition Program , an initiative led by Portugal Ventures initiative and an integral part of the Program , and + + i (more entrepreneurship , more innovation ) . Its aim is to strengthen the ecosystem of Portuguese technology-based entrepreneurship and thus contribute to the development of a more modern , competitive and open to the world economy , based on knowledge, innovation and highly skilled human capital , with a strong spirit entrepreneur . Through this initiative, Portugal Ventures plans to invest around ? 20 million per year. Some of venture capital funds managed by Portugal Ventures are co-financed by the European Union through the FINOVA , and COMPETE IN LISBON .
2014-02-05 17:03:05
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