" Invest Portugal Moscow "

1 to April 3, 2014 , took place in Moscow in a show of integrated event PORTUGAL Portuguese products INVEST - Investment & Trade Show , the company initiative consultan .
Russia is the country with the largest territory in the world , covering more than a ninth of the Earth's area of 17,075,400 km2 , is also the ninth most populous nation with 142 million inhabitants , has the largest natural gas reserve in the world , the second largest coal reserves and the eighth largest oil reserves on the planet .

With a GDP of $ 1688 million, a growth that has been steady at around 7 percent since 2000 , and despite the current global crisis , in 2013 Russia will maintain its growth , with an estimated 1.8 percent , while the eurozone should continue in recession ( -0.6 percent) . According to the World Bank in 2012 the country surpassed all nations of Western Europe , including Germany , where GDP is the sixth in the world , if we take into account the purchasing power parity (PPP ) .

Russia is the third largest trading partner of the EU , behind the United States and China . Last year, 7 percent of European exports had Russia as a destination . Of the 27 countries , Germany is also the largest exporter and also the nation that matters most . In 2012 , EU exports to Russia amounted to a new high of 123 billion.

Portugal participates with only 0.15 percent of this cake in 2012 exported close to 182 million Euros to Russia .

Join PORTUGAL INVEST MOSCOW 2014 to help your business and increase exports to Portugal
to Russia .

If you wish to contact organization : moscow@portugal-invest.pt
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