Portugal 4th biggest exporter of tomato products

Portugal 4th biggest exporter of tomato products Over the past two decades Portugals tomato sector has flourished and the country is now the worlds fourth largest exporter of tomato derivatives, selling more tomato-based products abroad than neighbouring Spain.
It is a sector that, over the past 20 years, has proved itself as having the entrepreneurial and agricultural ability for Portugal to restructure itself and organise itself to be efficient?, said Economy Minister António Pires de Lima during a visit to a tomato factory in Benavente last week.

Adding that it is a very competitive sector the Minister stressed that ?Portugal now exports more tomato-derivative products that Spain which is a much bigger country and is the second largest exporter in Europe, after Italy, as well as being the fourth largest in the world.

Minister Pires believes this success is due to the sector?s management and organisational skills, and he used the factory that he visited last week as ?a wonderful example of the Portuguese farmers entrepreneurial abilities, regarding large-scale organisation.

Evidently it is important that we have rules that are similar to those in other European countries due to competition-related matters, and then there is also some work to be done regarding energy costs, given the seasonality of this industry, which only works for two months per year, he explained.

On a par with tomato derivatives the Minister highlighted the countrys entrepreneurship within the wine, beer and olive oil sectors, which have contributed greatly towards helping Portugals economic growth.

Pires de Lima concluded by stressing it is my obligation, as Minister for Economy for businesses, in the broadest sense of the word to give visibility to the best things that are happening within Portugals agro-industrial sector, which was responsible for most jobs created in the country during the second quarter of 2012.

Portugal currently exports 95 percent of its tomato-based products, which in 2012 earned the country 250 million. The sector employs some six thousand people and has invested, over the past decade, around sixty million euros in innovation.
2013-10-04 12:45:38
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