Participate in International Fairs Effectively

Participate in International Fairs Effectively AICEP will organize a session entitled "Successful participation in International Fairs ", in Lisbon, at the Auditorium of the ISLA Campus on the afternoon of the 20th of February.
Learn about the benefits that the participation in International Fairs have for your business, as well as the correct ways to do so while minimizing costs!

"Studies have revealed that the economics of trade continued to grow in recent years, even during a downturn while, comparatively, other media such as advertising, public relations and mailings showed considerable breaks. (...) Personal contact prevails in this context, reserving the use of new technologies, especially to improve the assessment of the effectiveness of participation in fairs and manage contacts from such participation, enhancing the events follow-up. "

Among the instruments that SMEs have to properly promote market their goods and services, the International Trade Fairs not only continue to maintain their global leadership position, but they also transmit a comprehensive view of the current supply in various sectors. They also identify strategic needs, as well as niche markets and business opportunities with a strong chance of success.

Moreover, the International Fairs (to a greater or lesser degree of specialization) play a key role not only as showcases of quality, design and price but also as an instrument that allows personal contact with potential customers. This gives an advantage of facilitating a more accurate analysis of the market potential, the ability of the competition, the efficiency requirements of channels and logistics, among other relevant aspects of business communication and promotional companies.
2013-02-08 10:45:59
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