New Rules for 2013 Billing

New Rules for 2013 Billing SISTRADE provides the ERP area with Administrative / Financial about the new billing rules .
SISTRADE - Software Consulting, SA, ensures, in its integrated management software Sistrade®, the compliance with existing obligations in the Ordinance no. º 363/2010 of 23 June, as amended by Decree n. º 22-A/2012 of 24 January, on the regulation of Software Certification.

The current law states that the billing and accounting software must comply with the new measures imposed by Customs and Tax Authority. Accordingly, the Sistrade® software has undergone a number of changes required under the Decree Law n. º 197/2012 and n. º 198/2012 of 24 August. These changes will focus on the process of shipping, invoicing, and the SAFT-PT file generation.

The main changes implemented from January 1, 2013 are:
- Mandatory issue of invoice, regardless of the value of purchase.
- Exclusion of any equivalent documents, such as receipts and cash sales.
- Introduction of the simplified invoice document.
- From 1 May 2013, the mandatory communication to the TA of the elements present in the transport documents before the commencement of carriage, .
- Mandatory communication to the TA of all billing documents issued until the 25th day of the following month.

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2013-02-06 16:35:40
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