Next Call - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Call for proposals (2013)

Next Call - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Call for proposals (2013) We inform Portuguese companies that was published on January 15, 2013 Participants in Portal, the 6th contest Fuel Cells and Hydrogen - Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) for projects in the area of fuel cells and hydrogen.
This year the contest are 68.5 M ? allocated for 27 topics divided into the following areas:
- Transportation and refueling infrastructure (23 M ?);
- Hydrogen production and distribution (7.5 M ?);
- Stationary power generation and combined heat and power (24 M ?);
- Early markets, covering portable, micro applications or handling vehicles (9 M ?);
- Cross-cutting issues, such as socio-economic research, social acceptance, training (5 M ?)
All relevant documentation, including the Annual Implementation Plan 2013 (describing the topics open to competition and their budgets), guides for applicants for the different funding schemes, the participation rules and the rules and procedures for submission evaluation and selection of proposals, are available for download on the contest page.
We recall that the submission of proposals is made exclusively electronically, through the tool 'Electronic Proposal Submission', also available on the contest page.
2013-01-18 17:21:22
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