LUIS SIMÕES and Development Bank of Angola

LUIS SIMÕES and Development Bank of Angola Luís Simões (LS) is developing a consulting project for the Development Bank of Angola (BDA) with the aim of supporting the revitalization and structuring of the logistics system of Angola, a priority set out in the National Development Plan for 2013-2017 set by the Angolan government. The project provides a diagnosis of the current situation and supports the preparation of conceptual plans of action.
"This agreement with the BDA comes after several technical visits by Angolan businessmen, from the logistics and oil sector, to our headquarters in Carregado, for training and sharing of knowledge . We are proud to share our expertise and we hope that this project can contribute to the economic and social development of Angola ", explains José Luís Simões, President of LS.
In the past two years, more than 40 managers and business leaders from Angola visited the Logistics Operations Center of the Future, in Carregado. The aim is to learn from LS' vast experience and expertise in the design, construction and management of large equipment and logistics systems but, above all, to understand how they create value in supply chain procedures.
Luís Simões is the leading company in the road transportation of goods in Portugal and the market leader in road flows between the two Iberian countries. It manages a fleet of 2,000 vehicles (of its own and subcontracted) and employs 1,568 people. The company provides integrated logistics services throughout the Iberian Peninsula, in more than 20 warehouses that exceed the capacity of 300.000 square meters in 10 different regions of the Iberian Peninsula. Luís Simões began operations in Loures, in 1948, and has been in the Spanish market for over 25 years.
2013-06-26 16:11:08
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