Lisbon Trams highlighted in Hungary

Lisbon Trams highlighted in Hungary On the 19th September Hungarian the public transport blog "Hova megy ez to vonat?" (Where does this train go?) published a post with the title "Portugalia revisited 1. - Lisszabon "about Lisbon trams.
Taking into account that in January 2013 the first about on the tram network in Lisbon was the first great success of the blog and had a strong echo in readers, an author of the blog visited Lisbon in the summer to report his experiences.
The author presents the trams in detail as well as the traditional tram garage of Santo Amaro, the Carris Museum and the Lisbon lifts and funiculars.
The text is accompanied with many photos. The author promises to continue to write about adventures in Portugal, outside of Lisbon.
2013-09-20 16:50:36
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