IVDP joins the "Slow Food" to make known Port wine

IVDP joins the The Wine Institute Douro and Porto (IVDP) hosted a group of 11 students of the Master in Food Culture and Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, located in Piedmont, Italy, for a training session on the demarcated region of Douro wines and their history, under the Slow Food movement.
In addition to the training, the students of Master yet had the opportunity to visit the region, some cellars and estates, dealing closely with the reality of Douro wines and Port. The University, founded by the promoters of the international movement prepares every year, six study visits for their students. The IVDP has been local "must visit" these students given the importance of the Port and the Douro Region, not only in the national but worldwide.

The IVDP has, for some years, to support visits and training for students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, under the Slow Food movement, considering that the philosophy of this university nears production methods, roots and traditions of the wines from the Douro Region. This year, once again, the 11 students of the Master in Food Culture and Communications could know IVDP, methods of testing and certification of Port and Douro wines, taste the different varieties of port and still know some cellars and estates the Douro Region.
The University of Gastronomic Sciences is headquartered in Piedmont and was founded in 2004 by Carlo Petrini, the president and founder of the Slow Food movement. The University has three types of courses, all focused on the principles of Slow Food good, clean and fair: a three-year degree in Gastronomic Sciences, the Bachelor of Gastronomy and Food Communications and Master in Food Culture and Communications.
The Master, lasting one year, is designed for international students seeking an innovative approach to the study of food and especially the way it is represented and debated today. One of the most important components of course refers to six trips study, four in Italy and two in Europe. The aim of the study visits is to give students the opportunity to learn through direct experiences with institutions and professionals from various areas of the food and wine.
2013-08-09 00:10:58
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