International Wine Competition in Hungary VinAgora

International Wine Competition in Hungary VinAgora From 31 January you can register online for the next edition of the International Wine Competition VinAgora which will be held in Hungary from 12 to 15 June .
It should be recalled that last year the Countess of Santar 2011," Product of the Agricultural Society of Santar , Winery Company , Ltd. wine was awarded the Silver Medal VinAgora . The bottle of this wine was chosen as part of an online poll of Hungarian consumers , one of the bottles with better design , occupying the 4th place , surpassing more than 50 Hungarian and foreign competitors .

In the contest site homepage " The Most Beautiful Bottle of Hungary " , also appears to photograph wine " Countess of Santar " .

The VinAgora a member of the World Federation of Major International Competitions of Great Wines and Spirits ( VinoFed ) , under the auspices of the OIV - International Organisation of Grape and Wine and UIOE - International Union of Winemakers .
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