How to Sell in South Africa

How to Sell in South Africa Increase exports and investment are the AICEP priorities in South Africa, therefore, aware of the specific needs of our customers, we invite you to participate in the How to Sell in South Africa. Specifically designed to think of their interests will take place in AICEP in Lisbon on 25 and 26 February 2013 and, in Porto, from 27 February to 1 March 2013.

the region, is the largest and most developed economy in Africa, with growth rates of GDP per capita that offer very interesting and appealing business opportunities for Portuguese companies, both from the perspective of exports, as in the investment, especially if a middle / High class with high purchasing power. Being an emerging economy (recently joined the group of BRIC's) with excellent growth prospective, the term is considered, of course, the great power of Africa.

Although it represents only about 4 percent of the territory and 5 percent of the population, South Africa is responsible for over 20 percent of GDP on the African continent, and yet the great center of multinationals operating in Africa.

In particular, and in addition to its size, influence and easy access to the countries that make up the SADC (Southern African Development Community) that adds about 250 million consumers, give it an important role as a platform for other markets in the region . It also offers good infrastructure, a transparent legal framework, relatively quick payments, competitive factors of production, ma by incentives to strategic sectors and a Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement with the EU, aiming at creating a free trade area (transition period a maximum of 12 years for South Africa and 10 for EU), as from 1 May 2004. This Agreement covers the free movement of goods in all sectors of trade, services and capital.

Although there are already over 500 Portuguese exporting to South Africa, the untapped business potential is huge. What are you waiting to take advantage of the many opportunities to explore? If you already exports will know how to best leverage this market and grow your business. If you're thinking about investing in South Africa will know the best way to lower costs!

Despite strong competition from international players, the Portuguese products and services with a good quality-price-design, particularly the higher value-added, high technological content and good after-sales service, manage relevant comparative advantages, being the best opportunities for our exports in the sectors Automotive (components / accessories and molds), Energy (equipment), Building Materials (wall and floor tiles, plastic products and hardware, electrical goods), Biotechnology and Health, Household Textiles, Clothing and Footwear, ceramics and Glass Household, Cutlery and Household items, Agro-food (including wine) and Information Technology and Comunication . it is the responsibility of our companies to take advantage of this

This action aims to guide and answer questions raised by companies in their registration form and provide personalized advice on How to Sell in the South African market with a view to first approach, or to qualify and develop your business in the market. To this end, individual meetings are scheduled for 60 minutes with the Head Office in Pretoria AICEP (co-located in the premises of the Embassy of Portugal), João Pedro Pereira.

Take this opportunity to enrichyour knowledge, answer your questions and get the advice you need to grow your business in a sustainable and safe!
2013-01-15 10:52:35
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