Hörmann hires for Portugal, Angola and Mozambique

Hörmann hires for Portugal, Angola and Mozambique Until the end of June 2013, Hörmann Portugal, the world leader in the manufacture and marketing of automatic doors will incorporate 30 new employees into their staff, in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

The company, which is the only subsidiary of the German multinational able to act in portuguese-speaking countries, is seeking to fill vacancies in the department of Marketing in Angola and to its branch in Mozambique, is currently in the process of selecting a general manager.

"By the end of the first semester we shall be able to integrate up to 30 new employees in Hörmann Portugal, due, in large part, to our strong growth in Angola and our recent move into Mozambique," explains Henry Lehrfeld, general director of the company.

For Angola, the company is seeking graduates in management or marketing with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong communication skills, leadership and planning.

Among the applications for the current vacancy in Mozambique, Henry Lehrfeld hopes to find his right arm person for the market.

"We seek someone with a degree in engineering or management, with strong communication skills and responsibility, fluent in Portuguese and English, and to assume a leadership role in an objective-driven management", he explains.

In what regards the domestic market, the official said that the Hörmann Portugal has been developing cooperative agreements with entities of technical training. 50% of students who go through a period of formation in the company end up being hired at the end of the training.

Henry Lehrfeld concludes by highlighting the possiblity, granted to the Hörmann staff, of working throughout the world in the various branches of the multinational.
2013-02-08 17:00:02
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