Harrords bets in Portuguese Frato Interiors

Harrords bets in Portuguese Frato Interiors The Portuguese Frato Interiors is the most recent bet chair Harrods , becoming the first domestic store opening these doors Londoners warehouses , a space that occupies 200m2 and is expected to reach 2M in sales already in 2014.
The attractiveness , flexibility and sophistication of this company specializing in integrated solutions and interior projects , were some of the reasons that made Londoners warehouses invite the Frato Portuguese and to bet on the brand that is aimed at a target audience of high end (A + ) .

Remember that the Frato Interiors works with Harrods for two years now , through the project 'The Studio at Harrods ' , which has already resulted in Frato creations incorporate several projects developed by The Studio .

Sustained at over 15 million visits per year that gets Harrods , the company intends , with this new space , enhance B2C strategy , which was , until now , remaining in business .

" We have been working through our B2C shop in Singapore as well as in partnership with the Bloomigdales and Harvey Nicholas , stores in Dubai . Harrods is a huge step to refine and enhance this channel of distribution, " says the charge .

Parallel to the growth of B2C company's strategy of luxury furnishings , this new store will contribute to the growth of international business as well as enhance new spaces in Middle Eastern countries , where Harrods is seen as a reference .

" The space Frato Interiors at Harrods will act as Flagship Store and can leverage to open other stores in Munich , Riyadh and Dubai," anticipates Carlos Faria Santos .

The store opening Frato Interiors occurred on February 1 , and is located on the 3rd floor of Harrods .
2014-02-05 17:12:46
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