Fileira da Construção do Minho project QREN

Fileira da Construção do Minho project QREN Associação Fileira da Construção do Minho (an association from the construction sector) submits project to QREN (National Strategic Reference Framework) to explore new markets.
The goal is to launch construction and civil engineering companies to new markets, especially to Africa and Latin America. The "Construir Oportunidades 2013" project is lead by Associação da Fileira da Construção do Minho, AFCM, which submitted an application to QREN - System of Incentives for the Qualification of SMEs / Joint Projects.
Aimed at those markets, the project seeks to improve participating companies joint efficiency in international promotion and business opportunity exploration. The public presentation took place on January 4, in the auditorium of the Industrial Association of Minho in Braga.

The same source states that "strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises, increasing the business volume at the international level, as well as a greater capacity to internationalize are among the main goals of the intervention plan."

The Project is supported by a joint action plan, complementing the individual initiatives of the companies, establishing a common and coherent strategy regarding transversal problem solving and opportunities, and explore the framework for increased responsiveness and active presence in the global market and demand for alternatives to the profound recession the industry is experiencing.

Most notable are the subject of international positioning, with the intervention of Telmo Fernandes Azevedo, from Market Access, and also the intervention of João Luís Martins, executive director of AFCM, and of Jean Pol Piquard, from JPP Consulting; apart from the presence of Franquelim Alves, President of Compete.

AFCM was incorporated on April 14, 2011, in Braga, and formalized the beginning of business on July 13, 2011. On the origin of AFCM's constitution was the Minho Internacional project, developed by the Minho Industrial Association under the Support System for Joint Actions (SIAC) of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors (COMPETE), of the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).

Particularly targeted for companies in the construction and civil engineering industry in the Minho region, the project had a broader scope with the connected sub sectors like the the sub-sectors of metallurgy/engineering, lumber/carpentry, electrical specialties, plumbing, building materials, and the area of engineering projects.

The main objective of the project was to mobilize the Minho constructors to structure themselves in networks, with a view to effective preparation for the challenge of internationalization, working up the critical success factors in a collective way, in order to improve business competitiveness.

AFCM currently has 43 affiliates (40 companies and three institutions) in just over a year of activity. Member companies represent a total turnover exceeding 1.25 billion (ie a turnover exceeding 0.6% of the 2010 Portuguese GDP). The overall number of employees amounts to about 5,400. The main activities of the companies are: the construction of buildings, civil engineering, wood and carpentry, plumbing, architectural and engineering activities, manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures, electrical systems, building materials and other specialized activities.
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