Business man prefer Portuguese-speaking countries

Business man prefer Portuguese-speaking countries Founded in 2007, the Portuguese State as shareholders and banks CGD, BCP, BES and BPI, the SOFID promotes the expansion of Portuguese SMEs in emerging countries
There are many Portuguese companies interested in investing in countries in which it operates SOFID?
Yes, and it shows by how many meetings we had in 2012: more than one per day. We also strive to lead the mission of SOFID to a larger number of business man through participation in conferences and visiting companies. An effort which has been compensated, since it can more hiring in 2012 than in the past four years of life: this five years, compared to the four so far.
There seem many, but will be of great projects?
Is enough if we think that we operate in a niche and it is investment by small and medium enterprises in high-risk countries. The processes of study and analysis, either by the company promoter, either by the SOFID are always more time consuming than a domestic investment. Typically, we hire and approve an operation in three months or in two years. It depends on the market where the prosecutor wants to invest.
The crisis in construction output in Portugal has in these emerging countries?
We've had many inquiries recently this sector and it is true that there is opportunity to grow in these countries. So in other sectors, as happened with Moviflor, whose project for opening a store in Mozambique SOFID supported. Right now are selling furniture manufactured in Portugal, which had no exit from the crisis, and now are having success.
What kind of projects have funded more?
Most projects are in Angola and Mozambique, but also we have in South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Morocco. We are also interested in looking more for Cabo Verde, Chile, Peru, given that Portuguese business man prefer usually Portuguese-speaking countries. Projects must be environmentally sustainable and social development, including creating local employment.
What sums of normal projects?
The minimum value is 250 000 euros, but the average value of the contract is 1.1 million euros. This is because finance and construction equipment, what is the most expensive in the internationalization of a firm. No fund working capital for day to day business. We have contracted 22 projects totaling 25 million euros.
Horn works at the level of guarantees?
We are being requested at this level too, giving guarantees to local businesses. There are projects that generate local revenue and most advises companies not to borrow in hard currency at local banks turn out to be key partners in those businesses. The SOFID provide a warranty that replaces the firm's risk, which facilitates local credit and gives access to more advantageous interest rates.
2013-01-08 10:40:49
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