Oliveira Santos Horse Breeder at event with Lusitano Horses

 Oliveira Santos Horse Breeder at event with Lusitano Horses "The Portuguese Horse and the Alentejo ... A world of Passions " event ended successfully, and counted with the presence of many customers, friends and admirers of the Lusitano horse and of Alentejo, which became even more passionate for the landscape and gastronomy of Alentejo and for the animals presented.
Horses with more than four years were presented in various disciplines by the riders of the house, Luis Miguel Blanco and Armando Madeira, and the invited riders - Manuel Telles Bastos, João Maria Blanco, Paulo Oliveira, Marta Fialho and Pedro Couto.

The Colts of three years of age and the mares were presented freely during the event, showing their natural abilities.

The result of the draw determined that the horse "Épico" was delivered to Pedro Couto, who witnessed with joy his registration number coming out of the bag .

Discipline rider for Jumping, Pedro Couto was even happier when his Lusitano of four years, with only six months of teaching, fulfilled without difficulty the challenges put across it.

The success of this initiative leads to Oliveira Santos Breeders to promise more in the next years, involving other newsworthy topics that are connected to the Lusitano Horse.

To note that markets with higher propensity to acquire Lusitano horses are the countries of northern Europe, mainly Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, France and Belgium. There are also good prospects in new markets, as is the case of Angola, Colombia China, Russia and Middle Eastern countries.

The export values of a Lusitano depend on the quality and level of education. While an unbroken young horse (three years) of average quality can be worth between 5 and 15 thousand euros, a horse capable of competing in Grand-Prize, or with proven experience in bullfighting may be worth more than 100,000 euros. Currently, the latter are the horses that have the higher demand.
2013-06-24 16:33:41
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