CLEVERTI among the most talented Portuguese

CLEVERTI among the most talented Portuguese CLEVERTI is considered one of the most promising startups in the Portuguese market, according to a study from Austin University.
A recent study carried out by a group of experts from University Technology Enterprise Network / Austin University has evaluated the business potential of a set of more than 300 Portuguese startups, considering the evolution of these companies since 2007. The study has taken into account a number of factors related to training of entrepreneurs, sales, exports, as well as geographical, sectorial and economic context.

Based on a weighted analysis of these factors, UTEN?s experts have elected a shortlist of the 16 companies with better overall conditions to succeed inside and outside the domestic market. cleverti is one of the startups in this shortlist, integrating the group of companies that currently have a consolidated basis and regular international activity.
2013-01-14 12:50:22
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