Chinese rulers in Torres Vedras

Chinese rulers in Torres Vedras The Wine Commission of Lisbon Region (CVR Lisbon) wants to sell more wine in the region for the Chinese and French markets, having this week two important actions with senior officials of both countries for the purpose.
A delegation of the Chinese Government will be this Friday in Torres Vedras to try the wine products of the region and CVR Lisbon wants to engage in negotiations with those responsible to strengthen exports to China, which is among the top five markets in the region.
It is an opportunity that we have to explain and present Chinese policy makers the quality of our products to your market and your business, ie, we show them how they can promote our wines in China, emphasizes Vasco d'Avillez, Commission president.
To know that the Chinese market is one of the most important wines of Lisbon and, therefore, has been the subject of a bet differentiated by the region, including through the sale of special bottles of wine, with capacities of 3, 5, 9 and 15 litters purchased mostly by hotels and restaurants.
The official recalled that this visit would also serve to mitigate the conflict between the EU and China, so that Portugal is not impaired in commercial terms. We are talking about a very important market for us, says Vasco d'Avillez.
France is a country where the Wines of Lisbon export very little, but the CVR Lisbon was surprised by the invitation of the French ambassador in Lisbon, Pascal Teixeira da Silva.
He honoured only wines from Lisbon to serve in the house of the largest wine producer in the world, for the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille, which celebrates on the 14th, but the ceremony will be on Thursday, said the president of CVR Lisbon.
With this approach of the French representative in Portugal, the CVR Lisbon aims to develop new ways to increase your space in the framework of French imports in Portugal.
Let's bet on 40 wines to serve at the ceremony and we are certain that through this experience, the quality of our wines will impress and emerge stronger than ever, he concludes.
All foreign ambassadors accredited in Portugal will be on this event, which will take place at 18:30 on Thursday.
2013-07-10 15:08:44
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