Brazilian wine critic Carlos Cabral supports cork industry

Brazilian wine critic Carlos Cabral supports cork industry The oenophile Carlos Ernesto Cabral de Mello will be the ambassador of cork in InterCorkII - International Cork Promotion - in Brazil .
To kick off this partnership , Carlos Cabral visited Portugal for a week and the cork sector .

The wine critic visited mounted and the cork industry , so you can experience the history of the row , as well as gather more technical information on cork stoppers and other sub - sectors .

The oenophile will be the spokesperson for Cork in several seminars to develop the country as well as other events to promote cork in that market .

Carlos Cabral gave account of his visit on social networks , where it has about four thousand followers . After the visit , the oenophile left the following comment : " Simply amazing the world of cork ! Of total respect for nature to table the final consumer , this material has an active force and strong collaboration in preserving the qualities of a wine . Mounted to the table, a trip where all care is pursued and practiced , cork is crafted of environmentally sound manner as well as being one hundred percent utilized . Now just go to all the wonders that I saw with the aim to inform and educate about the importance of this gift of nature. "

Carlos Cabral studying the universe of wines since 1969 , the year he received from the hands of his future father , Heinz Godau , a bottle of Dom José Port In 1980 , he founded the Brazilian Society of Friends of Wine ( SBAV ) and currently is wine consultant Grupo Pão de Açúcar and deep knowledge of the Port. The oenophile defines the labels from supermarket shelves and is responsible for forming the group of promoters Specialty wines , which advise customers on their purchases .

It is noted that this campaign is part of an overall project to promote cork in nine markets and is budgeted at EUR 7.3 million - funded 80 percent by the incumbent program ( Operational Programme Thematic Factors of Competitiveness ) and 20 percent the associated Apcor
2014-04-09 16:30:27
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