Brands, Entertainment,Food and Fashion in Algarve

Brands, Entertainment,Food and Fashion in Algarve From 25th of April, the Algarve will host the first Luxury Carnival in Portugal, a five-day event designed to attract the attention of the world to what is surely the best kept secret in Europe.
Foreseeing the participation of dozens of exclusive brands from around the world, in categories of luxury goods that range from cars to jewelry and even the real estate sector, the Luxury Carnival will also try to encourage the participation of companies and regional and national luxury brands so that they seize the opportunity to boldly reveal to the international market the best that Portugal has to offer.

Long recognized for its unique real estate and top-notch golf courses, the Algarve has to go beyond these traditional markets as a destination, in order to present its diversity and vast potential of the region as a center of business. With a glorious climate, wonderful cuisine, unparalleled natural and historical beauty and hospitable population, the Algarve is the ideal place to host a event in the world tour of luxury goods and services events, a sector that still presents strong growth despite the global financial crisis. The De Luxe Life, a company promoting the event, decided to challenge the status quo and bring the best national and international brands, along with a great entertainment program, to create an unforgettable experience for all.

The theme of the Carnival highlights the European roots of this celebration. The party promoters are seeking to join recognized names in the world of fashion, real estate, accessories, art, investment, aviation, technology, drinks and leisure brands, among others. During each one of the five days there will be a program of music and dance, followed by evening shows ranging from ballet to the modern burlesque. The gala dinner will include a carnival party. The Luxury Carnival will aim to bring together a series of catwalk events, highlighting fashion, footwear and accessories, with a strong emphasis on innovation and offering designers the opportunity to showcase their emerging projects alongside known names .

The first day of the event will feature a VIP list of international guests, which will attend the opening ceremony, take a guided tour of the event, watch a demonstration of some of the luxury manufacturers participating, and enjoy a luxurious dinner and gala show. These guests will have the first opportunity to purchase any of the luxury items on sale, some of which will be exclusive or on limited edition.

The last day of the event is Monday, where companies, both in attendance and in the region, will be encouraged to introduce themselves into new businesses. The media presence throughout the event will drive news and announcements to the markets, and provide a showcase for quality marks that can be seen by all.

De Luxe Life strongly believes in social responsibility, and as such, will give a percentage of their profits to two social charities, one national and one international.
Tickets, accommodation packages and services can be booked through the website:, which also allows potential exhibitors to unload the set of relevant information. All interested can also follow the event at /Carnivalofluxury where they will get daily updates.
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