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Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Bluepharma and the University of Coimbra team up once again to reward innovation in healthcare, aiming to recognize scientific research projects of excellence.
Bluepharma and Coimbra University recently presented the Innovation Award Bluepharma | University of Coimbra 2013, an international award that aims to distinguish the best scientific projects developed in the area of Health Sciences.
Competing works must be submitted by research teams, with a requirement that the works must have been carried out wholly or partly in Portuguese institutions, by Portuguese researchers or foreigners of other nationalities.
Evaluation criteria are, among others, merit, originality, innovation and contribution of scientific projects with high potential for transformation into products or services with real interest for society.
The works may be submitted to the competition between 1 September and 31 October 2013, using the form available in /innovationaward or at the University of Coimbra's website.
2013-08-13 17:19:04
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