Autoeuropa resumes production

Autoeuropa resumes production Company had suspended production for a month. Resumes also rail to Germany.
Three thousand workers Autoeuropa - led by António Melo Pires - returning to work tomorrow after a stop for a month, who joined the traditional Christmas holiday and a few days of non-production, due to the crisis in the automotive sector. The days of non-production (downdays) are an instrument of flexibility of working hours under the Company Agreement and lets you adjust the number of vehicles produced to market needs, without resorting to any redundancies. According to the company, some teams already returning to work today to prepare the assembly line, but the vast majority only back to the factory tomorrow.
With the resumption of laboring resume the rail freight transport between Portugal and Germany, suspended in December. The first train was scheduled for Friday, already being covered by a second composition for tomorrow. Last year, the Autoeuropa produced more cars Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambrado that in 2011, that increase did not offset the losses that occurred in the Volkswagen Eos (47% less) and Scirocco (minus 18%). The production forecasts for 2013 are not yet known, but last year the company was adjusting monthly production volumes on order, which is expected to continue this year in the face of difficulties the automotive market continues to face in almost all world.
2013-01-08 10:28:15
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