ART ON SHOES COLLECTION - ALEXANDRA PRIETO at FRANCAL 2013 The artist Alexandra Prieto's brand, who exercises her art in footwear and fashion accessories, presents its main collections of art and fashion in FRANCAL 2013's H07A stand in São Paulo, from 9 to 12 of July.
Alexandra Prieto, artist and founder of the brand, explains:
"I'm presenting my most exuberant collections at FRANCAL 2013: "THE PARTY DOES NOT START WITHOUT ME ", which displays the colorful masks of glamour parties and their indecipherable masks, "LISBON, CITY OF MY DREAMS", inspired by the portuguese capital, "SWEET HUMMINGBIRD" inspired by the flights of our imagination and "7 Wonders", inspired by the most beautiful beaches of sea and river, among others.
About the ART SHOES ON ALEXANDRA PRIETO COLLECTION?: It's Alexandra Prieto's prestigious fashion brand, an original concept which associates her unique art to collections of footwear from her collection. Each shoe is a work of art associated with the artist, inspired by the artistic and cultural heritage of different regions. The design and production of individual and customized footwear is carefully monitored by the artist herself.
Made with the finest materials, each shoe is signed by Alexandra Prieto. The collection "I cringe when you look at me" inspired by love and their plots, for weddings and special events, includes in the illustration of the shoes a personalized message to record the unforgettable moment of a very special day.
2013-06-21 15:57:30
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