Ameal Wine in Robert Parker's site

Ameal Wine in Robert Parker's site In the most recent review published by journalist Mark Squires site of Robert Parker, among the most recognized and respected wine critics internationally, Ameal Choose the note was evaluated with 91, a total of 100.
According to Squires, this is a wine 'elegant, but with a subtle intensity. Everything is integrated in perfect harmony. A harmony that is the strongest point of this wine, along with its transparency and savory acidity. "
In another test, the Special Harvest Ameal, meanwhile, achieved the 93, having been among the white wines Portuguese scorers on the site of Robert Parker.

Quinta do Ameal assumes itself as an innovator in the research potential of caste (Loureiro) and creating unique wines to the highest level in the spectrum of the white national, as in Quinta do Ameal only white wines are produced.
These wines that are currently present in over 20 restaurants Michelin stars worldwide, from 1 to 3 stars (maximum score Michelin) in Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Belgium, Norway and Portugal, where includes recently Petrus in London, owned by renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay, "famous" for television programs Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef, and Sylvain Gergeaux as Sommelier.
2013-01-29 23:03:40
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