ALexandra Prieto Collection ModaCalzado

ALexandra Prieto Collection ModaCalzado The brand of artist Alexandra Prieto, who plays his art in footwear and fashion accessories, presents six of the existing twenty collections of art and fashion at the fair Modacalzado in 12D01A stand in Madrid during days 9-11 March
Alexandra Prieto explains, artist and founder of the brand:
Modacalzado present in the most affectionate collections: "LISBON, CITY OF MY DREAMS" inspired by the Lusitanian capital, "UN DAY VINDRÁS The BUSCARME" inspired by the serenity of the embrace, "dueling swordsmen" inspired by the dreams of youth, "shiver when you look at me "inspired by love and its attractions," transfusion "inspired by the metamorphosis of women continues, and the collection" tHE PARTY DO NOT START WITHOUT ME "showing the color of joy and glamor parties and their masks.
The ART ON SHOES ALEXANDRA PRIETO COLLECTION: Is the fashion brand's prestigious artist Alexandra Prieto, a unique concept which combines his art with exclusive collections of shoes for its creation. Each shoe is associated a work of art inspired by the artist's artistic and cultural heritage of different regions. The conception and production of individualized and customized footwear is carefully monitored by the artist.
Made with the finest materials, each shoe is signed by Alexandra Prieto. The collection "cringe when you look at me" inspired by love and its storylines, for weddings and special events, including the illustration of the shoe a personalized message to register the unforgettable moment of a special day.
2013-01-29 22:58:03
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