ALERT® installed in new healthcare São Paulo

ALERT® installed in new healthcare  São Paulo ALERT® SAIS went live at the Paraisópolis I primary care center located in the southern area of São Paulo in Brazil.
This is one of the 16 primary care centers managed by the Albert Einstein Social Responsibility Israeli Institute (AESRII) where ALERT® EMR is being implemented.

ALERT® has already been installed in 13 facilities of the AESRII network. The remaining three other units will have ALERT® installed until the end of the year.

ALERT®'s implementation will allow centralizing patients clinical information in a single medical record, which will be available anytime and from any facility.

Furthermore, ALERT® integrates with SIGA, the central system of the Municipal Secretary of Health of São Paulo. This integration not only allows patient medical records to be updated, but also supplies SIGA with information that is documented in each healthcare facility, thus providing the Municipal Secretary of Health with updated production indicators.

The Albert Einstein Israeli-Brazilian Benefit Society (AIEBS) is a private organization with social responsibility principles. This society was created by the Jewish community of São Paulo in 1955 to provide quality and reference medical care to the community.

AESRII is the AIEBS's organization responsible for managing social and public programs. One of AESRII's responsibilities is to provide support to the Brazilian national healthcare system through a partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Health of São Paulo. This partnership includes the management of primary healthcare centers with the aim of improving the quality of healthcare services provided to the community.
2012-12-11 15:12:21
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