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EPAL has developed a revolutionary system for the monitoring and control of water losses throughout its distribution network, which, by the beginning of the century, reached 25%. WONE allows the creation of a general picture through the use of statistical data, for the better realization of a network's efficiency and its leakage points. At this moment, due to this system, Lisbon's network efficiency is well above the objectives defined for 2020, which aimed for 20% of losses by that year.
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Street:Avenida da Liberdade, 24 Telephone:213 251 000
PostCode:1250-144 Fax: 213 251 397
City:Lisboa Website:http://www.epal.pt/epal/DownloadsImgPdf.aspx?src=woneapresenta&area=5732&sub=5733&menu=5733


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