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Sonae is a company with solid and deep-rooted roots that enabled us to leverage a vast number of businesses, from retail to telecommunications to shopping centres.

I am certain that our success is owed, in part, to our capacity to cultivate a strong culture with an appetite for change, resilience, dynamism and leadership. But our vision surpasses our roots, and we yearn for more. For this reason, internationalisation is increasingly an objective, and we have already attained many victories. Every day, Sonae comes into contact with thousands of people. We have the ambition to continue to grow in dimension and innovation, reaching increasing levels of profitability and investing in a targeted manner.

In the countries where we operate, we are recognised as an organisation that works based on trust. We are a contributor to a more prosperous, more fair, more ethical and more sustainable society. We have strong values, a method and own culture.

In the future, in addition to all of this, we also want to be recognised as an organisation that creates value across all geographies due to its modernity, creativity, capacity to innovate, implement and execute.

To continue being a winner, a restless spirit is needed, and readiness to embrace new paths. Each one of us has to assume his share of responsibility, and contribute to build our future. We must all be more entrepreneurial, more daring and innovative in seeking solutions, and see opportunities in all challenges. With everyone´s contribution, tomorrow we will be an even stronger company, more international, without ever losing sight of the social commitment that unites us with the communities which surround us.

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