Sociedade Corretora


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Sociedade Corretora
Sociedade Corretora
The Azores sea, is without a doubt one of the greatest assets of the region, offering great richness of diversity and quality of species. Thus, the capture of tuna fish occupies the top spot in the industrial sector of the islands. All canned tuna, part of which is captured in the Azores, is processed in the factories of the archipelago and is manufactured from fresh fish, capture through traditional fishing techniques. In our company, we produce high quality canned fish, acknowledged in Fairs and international markets, and sought after by a very demanding type of client.
Sociedade Corretora
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Street:Rua Hintze Ribeiro 34 Telephone:296 301 630
PostCode:9500-049 Fax:296 282 971
City:Ponta Delgada Website:


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