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Water is a precious commodity and people depend on it not only for survival but also to perform numerous tasks. However, as it is used, the water loses purity and quality, eventually becoming polluted. If this man send wastewater to nature without first treating it, would be to poison their own source of life. To prevent this from happening and protect the health of citizens, there are the WWTP - Wastewater Treatment Wastewater, which aim to restore water quality and integrate it into its natural cycle, safely. After being used, the wastewater treatment plant to travel up through conduits or pipes underground where they are treated. Each citizen can play an important role in this process of wastewater treatment and collaborate with the WWTP. Therefore, it is important to have some care in our homes, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. For example, we should never lie to sewer any solid objects and difficult to dilute. For people who have quality of life, it is important to have quality water available in their homes and is also essential that there are good methods for collecting and treating wastewater. The multi-municipal systems exist in order to meet this need. The SIMARSUL, a group company Aguas de Portugal, is a success story in the collection, treatment and return to the environment of waste water from eight municipalities in the Setúbal Peninsula. The company contributes to the pollution of the river Tagus and Sado rivers and riverside of Coina. Its action also allows to save spaces of great beauty and environmental value on the Setubal Peninsula, such as the Fossil Cliffs of Costa da Caparica and the Capuchin Convent. By preserving nature, the SIMARSUL contribute worthily to increase the quality of life of people and the environment.
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