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Salvador Caetano Group
Salvador Caetano Group
With a presence in several countries as Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Cape Verd and Angola, Salvador Caetano Group was born out of the will, courage and determination of Mr. Salvador Fernandes Caetano, a man whose achievement is resumed to a motto: «always present to build the future». With more than half a century of activity, the Group continues to widen its horizons. From the bodies that started the activity in 1946, and that are still today a point of reference, it conquered the importership business for Portugal of Toyota on 1968, and later BMW on 1983. More recently it has turned towards New Information Technology, and made strong investments on the multi-brand automobile retail business. The history of this Group is made of constant victories and an accumulation of projects, aiming the construction of a Portuguese Group of international prestige. Responsible for more than 6.500 workers, and with a turnover greater than 2.4 billions euros, Salvador Caetano Group has collected a large number of prestigious national and international awards. We, at Salvador Caetano Grupo are proud of this achievement as an acknowledgment of our high quality standards, presenting an outstanding position in the Professional Training as well as Development and Research areas.
Salvador Caetano Group
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