Safe Luggage


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Safe Luggage
Safe Luggage
Passenger and luggage transportation involve several problems regarding management and safety. Two key aspects must be considered when solving this problem: identification and traceability of a suitcase. If the owner and location of a suitcase are known many problems may be avoided, with a consequent increase in security. In order to solve the problem of lost luggage, a number of airlines, airport management authorities, and communications technology experts have been developing solutions for applying new technologies to the tracing of luggage. These systems use tags applied to the outside of the suitcase by airline staff during check-in. This project aims to enable the location and tracking of luggage through an information system embedded within. The system will be tamper-proof, compliant with international standards and will incorporate new technologies. To prove the concept, pilot tests will be made in Portuguese Airports, whose effort to decrease the baggage misshadling ratio generates a good environment for validating the proposed solutions. The new type of suitcase with embedded identifiers allows its owner to know its location almost anytime, provided an infrastructure compatible with the identifiers used exists. Thus, the monitoring, management and control system to be developed could have a broader application than just airports, and could be used in railway stations, bus terminals, shopping centres hospitals, schools or other public spaces.
Safe Luggage
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