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Liberty has been in Portugal since 2003, when the international insurance company Liberty acquired Europeia from the Credit Suisse Group. Conta com nove décadas de experiência, aliada à dedicação de cada um dos seus 485 Colaboradores, na procura de melhores soluções de proteção para as famílias portuguesas, os particulares e para as micro, pequenas e médias empresas. It relies in ninety years' experience, joined with the dedication of each and every one of its 485 employees, in the search for better protection solutions for the portuguese families, individuals and all types of companies and businesses. Liberty counts with branches available through all portuguese territory, in a strategi alliance with the company, through which a wide range of products and services are offered, for a better and more secure life. In Portugal, as in the rest of the world, Liberty finds in values like solidarity, team spirit, dedication, hard work and responsability with the community. These are in perfect tune with its mission: protecting life's value.
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Street:AV. FONTES PEREIRA DE MELO, 6 - 11º Telephone:+351 21 312 43
PostCode:1069-001 Fax:21 355 33 00
City: LISBOA Website:


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