Jaba Recordati S.A.


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Jaba Recordati S.A.
Jaba Recordati S.A.
The Jaba Recordati markets pharmaceutical produce in the Portuguese market. The company offers value-added solutions, contributing to a better state of health. The JABA began its activity in 1927, a small pharmacy Lisbon, initiated by the pharmacist José António Baptista d'Almeida. In that same decade, was founded the pharmaceutical company Recordati in Italy. Over the years this has become a reference company in the health area and in 1992 started its internationalization process in 2006 to acquire Jaba Pharmaceuticals. Today, Jaba Recordati, invests in areas of research and development, to provide a higher quality of life of the Portuguese. The company ensures that its costumers have products and services with excellent quality. Conscious of the social importance of generic drugs, is also present in that market. Jaba Recordati strengthens its business, promoting growth, personal and professional fulfillment of its entire team team. The company recognizes good performance and results, supporting continuous improvement. This ensures that the working group carries out its functions with ability and liability. Jaba Recordati bet on a strategy of innovation and quality, hoping to continue to be recognized as the first choice of healthcare professionals partnership.
Jaba Recordati S.A.
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Street:Lagoas Park, Edifício 5, Torre C, Piso 3 Telephone:214329500
PostCode:2740-298 Fax:219151930
City:Porto Salvo Website:www.jaba.pt


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