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IRONTEC was founded in 2005, with the aim of working in the shipbuilding industry market. Being specialised in the construction and repair of large vessels, IRONTEC has a vast experience and proven know-how in a sector of activity which has been turning out to be increasingly competitive. The dedication of the board of directors, along with the strong development capability of the employees of this family business, has made it possible to progress steadfastly. In 2009, a turnover of nine million euros was achieved. Nowadays, IRONTEC is present in diverse markets such as the Iberian Peninsula, France, USA and Senegal, fulfilling its expansionist strategy. In Portugal, it is the company with the largest volume of work in Lisnave Shipyard, which means approximately 372,000 hours of labour-hours per year. IRONTEC acts as a trusted partner in the markets of shipbuilding and ship repair, petrochemicals, refineries, dams and platform decks. The experience and highly qualified and motivated workers of the company put it on track for sustained growth. We want to strengthen our internationalisation strategy and differentiate the business areas we are associated to, in order to create long-term relationships and partnerships with customers and suppliers. Our eyes are set on the future. We want to continue to expand our business to other markets and to have our skills acknowledged.
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Street:Praceta Agostinho da Silva, nº6-A Telephone:265734110
PostCode:2910-730 Fax: 265734112


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