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Like many of the companies in our country, Manuel Marques, Herdeiros, S.A. has its roots and structure connected to family, being already in a third generation. Founded in 1911 by Manuel Marques, it has always worked as a cutlery factory, identified with its own trademark11, in Caldas das Taipas, municipality of Guimarães, district of Braga. The initiative and the persistence of the founder made the company adapt and grow, so that already in the 1950?s it was exporting to former Portuguese colonies. The development of the company continues, maintaining the perseverance and the will to increase production capacities, improving quality and quantity, with the objective of reaching even farther. Even before the 25th of April 1974 the company had already advanced to other markets, conquering clients in Ceuta, Austria, Greece and Germany. Later, without one of the partners, Abel Marques, the company continues its route and in 1996 legally becomes an anonymous society: Manuel Marques, Herdeiros, S.A. In 1998 the barrier of one billion ?escudos ? in sales (4) is passed and the company has clients in every continent. Besides selling directly to clients or intermediary agents, the company is part of a distribution network for the Brazilian market. But the initiative continues, with the construction of new installations already in use, never forgetting its history or those that contributed decisively to the actual state of development of the company. Those now responsible turn full of hope to the future, confident in a solid economic and financial situation obtained through a well-controlled administration of investments; in the enterprising capacity that constantly searches for new markets without forgetting the satisfaction of regular clients; in the new production possibilities, result of the investments recently made in buildings and equipment and finally in the restructuring of the organic-functioning that will serve as a lever to impel new advances in production and consequently an increase in the volume of business. The HERDMAR cutlery are produced with high quality stainless steel and according to the up-to-date process in the fabric of cutleries and under rigorous control of quality. Used under normal conditions, the cutleries remain indefinitely bright and in good order, and can be washed in machine.
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Street:Rua de S. Cláudio, nº2710 Telephone:253470080
PostCode:4800-274 Fax:253470089
City:Barco S. Cláudio, Caldas das Taipas Website:www.herdmar.com


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