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The Gestair Flying Academy is one of the pilot training schools most prestigious in Europe and leader in the Iberian Peninsula. Your base in Portugal is part of the group Gestair since 2001, when it acquired EAA - Aviation School Aerocondor SA. The Aerocondor Aviation School was founded in 1980 and has since graduated over 3,000 professional pilots from over 25 countries.   In Gestair Flying Academy developed a new training concept, focusing on quality, excellence, personalization, security and technological innovation. Our goal is to train a new generation of pilots, being fully geared to teaching what the airlines are looking for.
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Street:Aeródromo Municipal de Cascais Av. Amália Rodrigues, Tires Telephone:214 457 500
PostCode:2785-632 Fax:214 457 520
City:S. Domingos de Rana Website:


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