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G3P Group
G3P Group
G3p Group is constituted by three companies: g3p Consulting, g3p Technologies and g3p Investments. G3p Consulting is a consultancy, training & outsourcing company with expertise in productivity improvement processes and a management approach in Procurement, Logistics, IDI, Industrialization, Production Planning and Maintenance. G3p technologies is focused in creating innovative solutions in Cash Management and Automatic Payment?s areas and delivering technology products for the areas of Fleet Management, Access Control, Intelligent Traffic and Location Management. G3p investments is a company that manages the group participation in different business areas. Currently, g3p investments manages a participation in the healthcare sector, in Centro Gamma Knife Radiocirurgia, S.A.
G3P Group
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Street:Lagoas Park, Edifício 8 Telephone:210056957
PostCode:2740-244 Fax:214211167
City:Porto Salvo Website:www.g3p.pt


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