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The FERTAGUS is the first private operator to ensure the management and commercial exploitation of the railway line in Portugal, REFER upon payment of a fee for use of infrastructure, and also the first time that this mechanism was introduced in the Portuguese rail system. The company ensures the operation of the rail link, security, maintenance of railway stations and some of the South Bank (the Pragal the Penalva) and is also responsible for the sale of tickets Railway Axis North / South, as well as the recruitment , training and management of the team that operates in trains and stations. The FERTAGUS currently serves 14 stations in a line extension of about 54 km. Ten on the South Bank: Setubal, Palmela, Venda do Alcaide, Palmela, Penalva, Coina, Fogueteiro, Foros de Amora, Corroios and Pragal, and four in North Shore: Dublin, Seven Rivers, and Rome-Entrecampos Areeiro. The stations operated by South Fertagus, are endowed with a large number of commercial spaces, car parks and links to other modes of transport. Today FERTAGUS is responsible for about 85,000 daily trips, and after 10 years of operation, continues to grow. The big challenge for the future is to continue to demonstrate that public transportation is a quality alternative, consolidating the position of the best and most important agent Mobility Setúbal Peninsula and moving towards a better and better coordination with other transport operators , in a system constituting the most effective alternative to individual transport.
Adress Contact
Street:Estação do Pragal, Porta 23 Telephone:211066300
PostCode:2805-333 Fax:211066399
City:Almada Website:www.fertagus.pt


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