The Group Ferpinta keeps intact the soul Faire leading our glorious ancestors, against all fears, to conquer the oceans, as the only alternative for expansion and enhancement of a small geographically and economically limited. In the XXI century, where information technology and communication lead us to a sharply increasing globalization of markets, our willingness to strategically invest in the four corners of the world, it must be in the form of survival imperative. The incessant search for competitiveness is reflected in our ongoing internationalization, which has led us inevitably to Spain and also the ex-colonies - Angola and Mozambique. But that was yesterday! The Group Ferpinta is guided by the flexibility and immediate response to new challenges of tomorrow, focusing on areas of added value in a process of continuous adjustment to new economic scenarios, usually more extensive and aggressive. One concern dominated by component quality and added value strategy, where the ability to preview is reflected in the type of investment steel (production and distribution of welded steel tubes), tourism, agricultural equipment and livestock. The management model is consistent and sustained, assuming the role of Human Resources as a productive factor essential in a global organizational design and global. A mission of creating and distributing more and more wealth, contributing to the welfare of global society. Group Ferpinta - dream of the future.
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Street:Carregosa, Ap. 26 Telephone: +(351) 256 411
PostCode:3730 - 956 Fax:+ (351) 256 412
City:Vale de Cambra Website:http://www.ferpinta.pt/


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