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Since 1986, Fapomed is dedicated to the production of microbial barriers on non-woven fabric, being expert in gowns, drapes and customized sets for surgical procedures (CPT's). Our product's range: Gowns: Surgical gowns are used by all those directly involved in surgical operations such as medical staff, assistants and patients. Outside the operating room and wherever necessary, protective gowns are used by all users of medical services from health professionals to patients and visitors. Surgical Drapes: Drapes are designed to protect work surfaces to ensure the sterility of the intervention area and prevent contamination of surrounding areas. They are used for both the patient and for the equipment of the operating room. Sets CPT's: Sets and CPT's (Custom Procedure Trays) are customized packs tailored to the needs of a given medical intervention. They are specific to each medical speciality and may include gowns, drapes and disposable surgical instruments appropriated to the success of the surgery. In the meantime the production site, now totally dedicated to the production of medical devices, Class I, obtained ISO 9002:2000 Certification. By the end of 1993 the contract that made possible this symbiosis expired. This issue demanded appropriate measures and FAPOMED LTD turned into Fapomed,SA. Fresh capital was injected in the Company. Fapomed,SA obtained, in a record time, quality certification ISO 9001:2000, and went on, now independent. New and bigger facilities were built, not too far from the existing headquarters , making available 2 production sites a new and complete laboratory for physics and micro-biological tests, as well as Class C (ISO 7) clean rooms. New customers, among the biggest Global players, joined in which meant their confidence in our capacity to keep the secrets from those Firms with which Fapomed cooperates under contract. ISO 13485:2003 Certification is into place too. Nowadays, FAPOMED SA highly qualified staff includes pharmacists, biologists, operating room nurses, textile engineers, production engineers, mechanical engineers and physics allowing for an easy and efficient communication and development of new items, together with its customers.
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Street:Av. Dr. Ribeiro de Magalhães, 791 Telephone:255310682
PostCode:4610-108 Fax:255310689
City:Felgueiras Website:http://www.fapomed.pt/


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