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European Association of Aerospace Students, EUROAVIA. Founded in 1959, this non-profit organization, managed exclusively by students, has evolved to a network of societies at 37 universities in 18 European Countries, with more than 1600 student members, mostly in the field of aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering students are among the most motivated, highly flexible and skilled group within the European community. Their international orientation and determination to overcome any challenge have inspired other students time after time. Employers appreciate the aerospace engineering student because of their problem solving mentality and ability to exceed demands. EUROAVIA is unique in this form, as it provides an even more selective group of Aerospace Engineering students. Its active members single out in their organizational excellence, technical initiative and ability to adapt to corporate culture as well as intermediate with other European cultures. Their awareness of the opportunities surrounding aerospace students make them keen to spread their knowledge among their fellow colleagues, with no other reward in return other than appreciation. Our most important goal as EUROAVIA is to bring the right company to the right student. By supporting our association, you will make it possible for our students to achieve their ambitions by traveling abroad, visit companies like perhaps yours and gain a better understanding of their future employee and the demands and responsibilities that come with it. The students joining EUROAVIA have realized that it is the combination of academic skills with soft- and organizational skills that they can train on the job within EUROAVIA that they experience a true boost in their personal competences that also makes them very attractive for future employers! If you want to get in touch with the students of EUROAVIA, we would like to give you a set of tools to use our networks to interact with this potential in many different ways! The opportunity to explore the possibilities within your company and your support to let students better develop themselves will shape a relation with your future workforce that goes beyond formal, to one of loyalty and commitment to the cause of your company. Your support will guarantee that your future employees are as qualified and committed to your company as you want them to be.
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