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EPAL - Empresa Portuguesa de Águas Livres (Portuguese Company of Free Waters) is responsible for the water supply and sanitation in Lisbon. EPAL manages a water supply system that involves over more than 2,100 kilometers and provides quality water to about three million people in the region of Lisbon. It currently has approximately 350 000 direct contractual customers. The company engages in the development of the water industry in Portugal, by seeking business solutions that ensure profitability, quality service and sustainable use of natural resources. EPAL is heir to a vast and rich historical heritage and museum, which includes iconic monumental spaces of the capital, as the Mother of Water, the Aqueduct and Barbadinhos Pumping Station. Aware of its value, EPAL preserves and promotes the knowledge, history and values of these spaces. The control of water quality is also an ongoing concern of the management of EPAL, by investing in more high-tech material for their laboratories. Thus, it is possible to ensure and monitor the effectiveness of the service of the treatment plants. EPAL is a company of reference of the water sector in Portugal, thanks to the values that govern their activity. Promotes personal and collective development of all its employees, ensures their well-being and recognizes the merit of their performance. It also offers an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation. EPAL aims at ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality and effectiveness of their services. This ensures the total satisfaction of its customers' needs. Strives to continuously improving the reliability, efficiency and security of water supply system in Lisbon. To ensure the quality of service, EPAL persists in finding solutions to ensure the future.
Adress Contact
Street:Avenida da Liberdade, 24 Telephone:213251000
PostCode:1250-144 Fax:213251397
City:Lisbon Website:www.epal.pt


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